Healthy living


The idea of living healthy meant different 5 years ago and now. Lot of exercise spending time in the gym, taking long walks but eating normal food and sometimes getting under extreme diet. I guess it is only possible when we are young and we feel almost invincible. Always looked good and fresh sometimes without lunch or sometimes without dinner. I was never conscious of the impact of those skipped meals be it at the lunch hour or breakfast time.

“Our body is what we eat” – I heard many times but very rarely made sense to me when all I wanted for dinner was a half-litre of Ice-cream instead of proper meal. As the years passed by body started to react differently, I could see the difference in eating a tub of Ice-cream vs a proper meal. I still replace my dinner with a tub of Ice-cream though. 🙂 But I try my best to keep my food habits clean.

I know everyone has said this over and over that living healthy and eating healthy makes you feel better and live a better life. At the same time, I am also aware that it doesn’t happen overnight. Lot of thought process is actually put into it before we decide on cutting down on the type of food we like to eat and to live the life differently. Trust me it didn’t happen to me easily either.

In the year 2017, I lost my father. Two months before he passed away I had gone back to see him and to spend some time with him which I am very fortunate and grateful for. He had been ill for long time then and he had many things to share but the only thing he said to me was – “Live your life to the fullest, this time will not come back”. It’s not like I had never this before but coming from him who had been ill and with the oxygen cylinder for nearly 8 years, moved me strongly. Up until then all I thought about was money, my education loan that I had taken from the bank, work, education and my degrees. But it all seemed nothing in that moment. Everything looked unimportant and felt useless when you couldn’t live the life the way you wanted after all the struggles you had been through in life.

It took me a year to clear up most of the things and that had held me back. In the year 2018, when I felt everything was falling back into it’s place I was lost and caught myself into a roller-coaster ride which I rode little longer with anger, rage and depression. I had signed up for the membership in the local gym but rarely paid a visit. By the end of 2018, I started hitting the gym regularly, same time I was also introduced to yoga. Although I liked lifting weights in the gym, I was amazed how my body was adapting yoga and the improvements I was making.

I haven’t fixated myself in any one particular type of workout, I mix it up but then the way I viewed life up until a year ago and now is very different. I almost come across as advocating on healthy living but I mean why not?

The feel good factor certainly works when you feel good inside and out. I don’t normally practice what I preach but I do know that I try my best and I have been getting results. By saying this I don’t mean to force anyone to live this way but at least try and see for yourself. You will definitely feel the difference.

Let me know if you would like to know my routine, happy to share…