Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022!

Year 2021 was the year of reconciliation. Being able to stand out and be a real social butterfly for once was nice. Shutting down in 2020 helped a lot and now looking back at 2021, it couldn’t be more amazing than it did for me.

No drama and less dreams and more of living.

2022 is significant to me. I wonder what it would mean to be 30, to be an adult. Not that it mattered in the first place but still hitting this number meant that I had to be little serious about life and it’s course. I guess all of it did hit me way before I actually turned 30. 😅 No complaints!

All the phases of struggles, denial, rage and acceptance has come and gone. The fear is actually gone and I feel free. Free of expectations, judgements, calculations and I am glad that it happened way before I anticipated.

The undeniable feeling of needing to place self at it’s centre and conspiring everything else to revolove around it is the seed that which one tries so hard, almost it’s lifetime to understand.

Learnings and understanding aside and to be able to apply is the whole challenge in itself. 20 was the year of learning, 21 and I am hoping that I understood a little and 22 hopefully will be the year to put in perspective.

As I am writing this morning I really feel the loss of expectations and ambitions. I will continue living the reason to do so is different from everything one is expected to live for. Achievement stands differently as it depends on individual’s goal and dreams. Not saying that there’s no motivation, however one thing I am certain of is that no one is keeping a count. This 2022, “live consciously“. Namaste 🙏