Knowing your true self

Wake up. It is the time to open up your eyes and see the true world and know the true colors of people around us. Why do we complaint? Is it because we are unable to tackle it or we’ve never tried and just complaining..Different human beings with different thoughts and reason to live their life. I spoke to different people of my age (early 20’s) to my surprise, I could not find many with positive thoughts about many things. They were rather happy pointing than going through.

I see many people, who do not like to talk face-to-face but are more happy talking back. I feel these are coward people. I am least bothered because i hardly care. The other day i met my friend she was not able to able to go college. The reason is very simple, she is scared and awkward to face the mass. Even though a person is wrong, it’s better if we can help since it is the other way to learn. Here, no one is ready to help but they judge the person’s character on the basis of the mistake they’ve made in there personal life.Hello! she did not kill anybody to give her that look.” I feel to say but it’s not necessary.

I do not know much about others but i really feel to ask personally to each and everyone in this world, “Are they really good and have never committed any mistakes so far?” if possible. If they have not made any then “Congratulations“. Why do we tend to be so judgemental on others? why can’t we live our own life and let others live their own?

Few are lucky enough to understand life in a better way, in some ways understanding in better than experiencing in real life. But even if we do experience it, its fine we are humans not an alien to be perfect on everything we do. From the beginning we fall then we stand, we get hurt then we learn to play. It’s a simple rule of life abide by everyone.

I am not only blaming those people who judge but also to those who loose their own self confidence just by thinking what others are thinking of them. It’s important to realize that no can judge our lifestyle and/or behavior but living it with dignity and respect matters. Life isn’t so long to waste on these things if we realize, so many things to do and instead of regretting in future its better to learn and move on.