Silly.. I know it.. 


I know about the fact that, many great people has already written so much about life not only by generalising it but also through their experience. But m being very new to this, i would like to share a little or more about life what i have experienced, even though its not much yet.. and how i expect it to be.. 


Usually it happens that we expect something and the result is the opposite of what we expect.. it might not be similar with everyone but with me it is.. we often breakdown and starts thinking like, why me? m i the only target or is it only me who goes through all of it?? Trust me, its not.. almost every one of us goes through that phase not just once in a while but throughout there existence because we are humans.. its our nature, not being able to be satisfied with what we have achieved in life and if we remain positive what else can be achieved in near future..  


We see people, calling a person lucky whoever achieves success in his personal life.. may be i fall onto the same category but the only thing matters is not letting it to overpower yourself.. knowing the fact that you are not weak and can do anything if you really want to.. but off course hardwork and dedication is must. Not all, but some of us are bit pessimistic about our life and the things happening around us.. and its so obvious when the things around us is going so wrong and we are helpless..  


The only thing i can share with every one is that nothing last forever.. good, bad, happiness, sadness.. its a matter of time and the feelings we go through.. If we are not able to reach our goal today then the only thing we can do is, to try every now and then with full effort and just wait for the good result.. There is nothing that u can’t achieve with the hardwork.