30, & free

Life has always been full of surprises and turning 30 has been a bliss from the get go.

Keeping all the mysteries aside, I am very happy to announce that we got engaged in a beautiful location called Elafonisi, Crete surrounded by a pink sand beach . I am engaged to someone who is a long term friend, partner and everything that is both good and bad. May have gone through all phases of emotions prior to this but as the wise man once said, “nothing ever happens before time”. A true believer and I still believe that the right timing is a must before anything else can take place and the action must follow otherwise we could be waiting all our lives and nothing would happen.

A year filled with joy, blessings and immense love and support from everyone and from within. The only year where I didn’t need to fill any gaps from anywhere else and everything could be drawn from within. For the first time I was enough to be me. I wasn’t looking or chasing anything or anyone outside and slowly everything began to fall in it’s places like the pieces of puzzle as if it was always meant to be.

I have always drawn inspiration from everything and everyone around me. Rarely have had any incident where I failed to acknowledge anyone in any shape or form. Being grateful to life as I am right now, I feel like it cannot get any better than this. While I go through all the emotions as any normal human would, it’s just this feeling of gratitude that I have for life overshadows every other feeling. Hence, I am free.