A simple word “FRIENDS” sounds common used by us everyday and every point of time. Never realized that this word has such a deep and important meaning in life until we be all alone. Our perception leads us to judge a front person without even knowing them. Talking about myself, never made any good friends before coming to new place and trying to adjust oneself.

Friend, a real pearl of life if they are best for you. Every person can not be your friend and when somebody is with you as your good friend try to keep it as strong as possible. Friend turning itself into every relation, when u are sick caring like a mother, when you are sad sharing things like a brother and sister, when you are hurt acting like a buddy to get hurt with, somebody you can rely on and trust.

I am happy to see that i do have wonderful people in my circle as my friend, as my family in this unknown place. Mood is changing….:)

All the good things, which all of u have given me i will always cherish remembering. Feeling like being in a garden, varieties of flowers with their best scent ever.