Becoming a Yoga Teacher

While everything else was happening this year, I decided to do the Yoga Teacher training course online. I was apprehensive about it in the beginning as this is something personal and I really wanted to be physically present to these experiences.

However, entering into 2020 showed me a new light, the change it introduced was so quick that all of us had to change our lifestyle and do things completely different that any other times. I began to research about the YTT courses online, I looked up few organisations and had my doubt on taking pre-recorded classes. After much research I landed on Santhi Yoga International from Kerala, India.

The huge relief when I saw all of their classes were live and not pre-recorded. The classes went on for about 40 days and had an amazing experience. We were total of 8 people in the class as I had joined the evening session. It was a small and highly focused group which only meant that every interaction and classes were taken seriously and lots of fun in between. We were able to connect really well with the teachers and with all the participants. That was something which I really enjoyed about this whole thing.

Regardless of the requirements of the course people still joined with the enthusiasm and since it was available online I felt like the reach was even further. I am a beginner myself with little knowledge on yoga. But when I finally learnt about Yoga, it was a completely different and did not limit itself to physical postures and exercises. To be able to learn about yoga in depth was to see a whole new perspective on yoga.

Being enrolled in the course and the repetition of the yoga asana only meant improvements in each asana. Coming back to the basics, each day and everyday for 40 days straight was definitely a thing one must do to get into a routine.

I am grateful for the time and the opportunity that I got to take this teacher training course in these times. I do acknowledge that this could be a wonderful opportunity for me to improve my teaching practices.

I am planning to conduct online classes soon. It will be different from teaching in studio for sure but I am excited and looking forward to this new beginning.

Yoga teacher training journey 2020.