When I met Mr. Know-It-All…

Oh! what a dumb and lousy life you have had, long way to go honey…

Cynical but true, amazed how these nouns ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘myself’ can sound astonishing and dreadful at the same time. Over the years, spoken and heard of life, little things we do and share. I mean we all see life differently finding our own story very unique than anyone else had. Regardless of how you lived and what you did.

Keeping the sad story aside, wondering about the people’s perception on other’s life and their interest. Flaws and perfection is part of our life, all we do is to try by improving, fetching every single opportunity we hit and miss.

Annoying yet attractive, Mr. Know-It-All, ideas flowing in two different direction. A charming talk with a positive attitude towards learning and teaching. Heart says just listen and learn since you are an idiot! This person knows a lot and might be correct cause putting an effort to show an insight towards the change is not a cakewalk. And this filthy mind distracts thinking, Arrghhh!! why on earth m i sitting here listening this? suffering to death.. why not just walk out?               

Not everything we hear is wrong or right, ‘walk the talk girl’. Well said, may be I don’t.. got a point there. If we say all that we see and learn from different author is not right cause it is not the words encrypted in Holy books but the opinions they have about different things. Then in certain way, no matter what other tells you, should not bother you. It is okay to go with the things that you feel is right, again that is the their perception.

Self-respect is necessary, learning to be you should be our priority, but an urge to be accepted in this so called ‘society’ is still a nuisance for me. Well, our views clashed when said, ‘I don’t really care about the society and i want to be me’, rude yet took into consideration cause encountered a very good question, ‘then why are we called social being and not an animals?’ ‘what differentiate us if we think of nothing but self?

A lot to think, took a pause. I was speechless. I need to learn many things to actually be able to speak for the things I feel is right. Or should I say, I should be more assertive? Until then I take a bow!