Truth is better than deceiving…

Life is never easy specially, if you are a student aiming to be unique and successful in no time. Trust me, it’s not just you or me who believes in self but many other carries the same dream, only difference is some follows and some don’t.

We dream of life, a good life. Until we are in our own country, the post and pictures flooded over social media sites by our fellow friends studying and living outside their country is lucrative. Happy status, smiling faces, tagging different places, partying almost every other night: feeds our mind and satisfies our desire making us to believe and see how interesting life could be if we were to live in different country away from family. Our culture is such which bounds us to live free and act on our free will. We need to think a lot before we be sure of doing it and confronting to family is another big thing. I am not criticizing our culture and tradition, in fact i love our culture the way we respect our parents, and the idea of living with family until we die is definitely something.

Even though i prefer my own country I would definitely recommend people to travel abroad and experience life living on their own. With only one wish, that is; travel knowing truth and not in an illusion, when you are in your country, no matter how low you get paid, you are at least sure that you will get to work and make your living working, not just at one place but in different places with different level of wages and timings.                                   

Nobody prohibits you from working, you will work until you feel is enough for you to make your living. Unlike the life in abroad, where it is not guaranteed how long will it take to get a job, definitely not a white collar job, no matter if you have a degree of bachelor or masters with distinction regardless of any streams if you are still studying.

I would still be happy to recommend students basically to live a life outside their country away from family and their support, be it physically, mentally or monetary wise. Western culture is not best but it does teaches one to live life independently. No segregation of work, gender and wages, a real sense of equality which i seek throughout. Unlike my bogus traditional belief and culture, equality is nothing but the word to feed our mental stimulation.

Small correction, here now equality refers to the equality for LGBT people, they do not even think differently when it comes to men and women. Wondering in which era our country is where we still need to fight for women rights and bla bla… not supporting feminism here. But please do respect women.

It is on us, this is our time, let us be the face of today and take the steps toward change. Do not forget “We” are the change.