Why I decided to buy the Oriental Rug from a Man in the Van?

January diary
Small businesses are shutting down every week from every corner in Dublin, be it in the name of development or a boost in the economy.

A nation free of power and greed was once what people had imagined.

Uncanny it may sound but it’s not only fashion that gets revamped and revised in every few decade but also the ideology on how the world economy should run.

I am writing this with an amuse as I opt for brands to buy anything from clothes to accessories. I was sitting at home doing my research when I heard the door bell ringing. Mostly gets ignored because I live in the rented house so all my friends call upon arrival. But this morning was different I was waiting for the deliveries so had my senses sharpened. When I opened the door the guy had nothing I was disappointed a bit.

Man introduced himself as a small business owner from Tipperary, who happened to own a small shop that sold Oriental rugs. He was looking to sell the rugs, I was surprised to see him at my door so he explained to me that his shop had closed down by a bank very recently and was looking to sell all the remained rugs in an effort to collect as much money as he could to travel to Australia.

It kinda piqued my interest. I head down on to his van, I wanted to know more. I looked at those rolled rugs stacked on the back of his van. I asked him if he had these listed somewhere on the website to browse and choose. He told me he had taken down the site as he had no intention to keep it up and running. Being a millennial I had to look up about his story so I Googled, I saw the store listed with correct address and found good reviews about the products.

He began to unfold the rugs and to be honest I am no expert in the rugs. 🙂 So, I asked what was the cheapest? At this point, I knew I wanted to buy one. It did not matter what size or color but I wanted to take one off of his van. The rugs were undoubtably beautiful, however, the story of a small business that was shut down by a bank was the highlight for me. It isn’t a new thing anymore because more and more small businesses are being closed in Dublin every week and it somehow bothers me.

As he began to unfold, we started to negotiate and we finally met at an agreeable price. The man was in his mid 40s and looking to a fresh start in Australia. I wished him luck and I came back with the rug with a hope that he would be able to sell all those before he leaves for his new venture.