Drowned in jealousy

Today’s topic: Rush

The urge of completion, achievement, affirmation driving the path of our lives. Have you ever asked yourself what do you really want or even dream of anything? As I laid down and expressed what I felt, I discovered that it may not be a dream of mine. As I recalled over the conversation, I couldn’t imagine myself living the dream that I had just described. It was as if something seeded in my mind from what I was seeing and been fed into my mind each day. Sometimes, we do things out of love, and sometimes out of jealousy.

I love the song drunk in love by Beyonce not deviating but it also reminds me of being drowned in jealousy.

Not a saint yet, but much of these comes from within so it is quite clear that I may have been going through this too. This becomes much clearer when I talk to my friends, listen to their journey and struggles of their lives. Different variables and circumstances but one thing I found to be common was their reaction. One way or the other everyone felt it and had the urge to complete the phase as if we were some kind of machine to finish the job.

Life is what you expect it to be. Chasing someone else’s dream is never going to fulfil your desire or happiness. The true sense of happiness reflects when you find your way in. Grow the seed of happiness within, surroundings and situation is bound to change.