Fate! What life has to offer for us?

 We, humans – trying and pushing ourselves harder to reach the level that we aim for. Self-confidence and ambitions were, is and always will be high but then what is the thing that keeps us away from achieving that? Nothing is in control. Life seems easy and has a lot to offer but are we capable of accepting? Questions and curiosity… Wondering if i will ever get an answer for that. 


We say that hard work is the key and anticipating is just an add on. Wonder, how many actually do get the thing that they wish for? 


Some sentences like; ‘life is not a fairy tale’, ‘you don’t always get what you ask for’ makes me to believe that we are not really optimistic either. Honestly, priority keeps on shifting from being optimistic to hopeless. Have had many friends around who totally opposed with an idea of believing on anything related with destiny. On the other hand, met many who actually believed in it.  


At a time, it’s true as well, even though we try and work hard for the things we want in life, we fail. But that definitely does not mean an end to life, for me – it can actually be a new beginning for something that you are actually meant for. Heard most of the time, that being positive can also mean avoiding and letting things go, just because we weren’t really strong to fight for. Well, again it’s up to us, how we want and which direction we want to take our thought process.


Everyone of us has certain complaints about our life and the way live, but are we trying to make it better? Is it even possible to make change in a way that of the world we think of living for?