If life came with a manual, I’d still be living

I have been too excited lately, for no reason. I guess it started with the change in the season as it transitioned from the late winter to the early spring. All these years I had taken the same route to work and back. And all these years that have gone by I felt nothing towards the road or anything that was on it. Of course, at times curiousity kicks in and I begin to wonder and it ends there; and the life continues.

But this time it was different. In the early spring as I walked home on every Fridays I began to notice these little pup on the bare trees. I knew what spring looked like, I had seen it for years but never really looked or may even say I had over looked. I guess these things meant nothing when we were young. Not saying that I am aging, well I cannot even say that I am not, I am in between..

I have emphasised enough on my previous posts on how different I have been feeling lately. This could have gotten the momentum, now that I continue to feel this way. As if everything has been placed under a microscope for me to take a look at, not once or twice but stays until I consciously decide to look away. As I am writing this I am getting this feeling, perhaps I could have been reckless before but that definitely do not reflect the past nor the present.

To put it in a perspective, I can say meanings have changed and the values on which once I based life has changed its entirety. If life came with a manual I would still take uncertain turns, follow the incorrect procedure and may even choose to go without it. Which is to say that there’s no right or wrong way of doing it.

Living a life is solely on you. Privilege can sometimes play a huge part however, without you being you nothing in life really makes sense. So, without loosing the essence of today’s topic I will be saying what I have been meaning to say that is *living is easy*. If I were to say this to my parents they would probably see me as a lazy bum who just likes to pass the time doing absolutely nothing and they could be right. The equation of the present is to be more successful you have to have the desire and the will. With that I fall under nowhere and so correctly speaking I may as well be the lazy bum.

I wonder if this is how a monk feels, not the lazy part. Joy I feel is real; is what I would like to believe. For the longest time I thought I was in my bubble where everything is well and I am usually a happy person. If its only a belief then I can assure you that it hasn’t been popped yet.

Having no desire to chase or to look up to, all I see is what’s infront of me and when I do, with this 20-20 vision I see nothing but living. Living so peaceful that I wouldn’t know what else I’d rather do than to breathe again and again.