Hello life,

Let’s pretend that I am a normal lady, who is able to distinguish from what is to what could be.

To all those teen years and early 20s, the nights you spent stargazing, worrying about life and all the problems you could not even forsee then but still managed to stay wide awake thinking. It’s here and sadly it is nothing like what you imagined.

It is quite the opposite, not as worried or arrogant as I thought I would be. Life is beautiful and exactly at this point of time, I want to say that I am where I am supposed to be and this could not get better.

With every missing beat, I skip pass the living and then begins the thinking, worrying and all those that are invisible but fearful. It is not difficult to draw the line and say, “oh, I was thinking” now let’s live and the worries, fear and pain vanquish.

Normal people would call it living in a bubble but the bubble isn’t that different from theirs. My bubble may be of present and theirs could be of future both are futile however, if not known the reason of existence, if lived without love and compassion.

I have not yet seen, felt or connected but I have got the essence, closure would be better but since I am not a seeker anymore, seeking would do no better. Hence, I say let’s just be; living in present is a no simple challenge.

Like a little kid, I trace back life, gazing at the sky once again but this time it is not to think or to plan the future but to really enjoy the sun rising, sun settings.

Know the creator of the feelings that arises from you, know that every thing you feel is the outcome of your thought. Like everything else, nothing is permanent so as these feelings that keeps us stuck at a point of time.

When we say we can not always be happy like a clown, know that we can not always be stressed, worried or sad either. Know that these feelings will fade away too, just know when to let to go be it joy or not.

Let’s live, shall we?