Words of Caroline McHugh on “The art of being yourself” 


People are afraid to be themselves will work for those who aren’t afraid of being themselves. 


Your job is not to be anything like any other people but to be unlike them as you can possibly be. 


Your only job while you are here on this planet is to be good at being ‘You’.


You look into regular mirror for reassurance but when you look into true mirror you look for revolution. 


Never dictate what your job is but how you do it. Socialise, accommodate and adapt.


You are yourself!


Approval addiction: need to be liked, need for approbation, recognition; living somebody else’s opinion and mistaking it for your own.


You will never ever be perceptionless but it’s important to be perception free. With every passing year your job is to be better and better by being already who you are. 


Humility is not thinking less of yourself but it is thinking about yourself less.Your life is your message.