Sense of realization!

Roads were always same, path I thought of following is still clear to me. Good to see different kinds of flowers blooming around in this very own walk of life. Unknown and unaware of own consciousness, letting it all flow with the time. Time never remained same and it will never be. Don’t know exactly, how much more to anticipate for the knowledge I seek, being positive is so good. Everything feels great and beautiful, without knowing why and how. Just feels like following being blunt. 

 Making self better, nice words to hear and follow, contradicting own beliefs, yet very difficult to implement.  

 Keep falling for things which I know, never did any good and will never do but still. Sometimes, its just me and my nature; self-portrayal of being strong: emotionally, physically and mentally, do have its own perks. I don’t know if it’s good “good” or good “bad”. However, long way to go, falling, struggling, crawling, crying, learning.. someday will stand tall. And that will be me, still not complete but may be half way better than what I am now.