Self-appreciation isn’t that bad!!!

Time flies, moment becomes a memory and feelings change with the time.. Hence nothing last forever. We run, always and every time thinking that the day will come when we will achieve all our goals and dreams but we don’t know when is that. It’s very common to dream about the future we want to live in, but we never realize that fictional future will always remain fictional if we don’t live our life at present. Sometimes, i try to act as a motivational character and surprised to myself cause I know unlike my inspirational words, my deeds are always aiming for tomorrow. Everything I am doing today is for tomorrow. Wonder when I will actually live that moment of tomorrow and pat myself back thinking “yes it’s done” and time to move on.

I guess, three years back when i joined University, i had only one dream. That was to complete my degree. Today I have completed my Bachelor Degree, yet unhappy thinking about my next level i.e Masters. I am sure it’s not only in my case, almost everyone is running either in the name of career or passion for studies. I admire hard working people but i would love to see those who can actually come out of this and congratulate themselves on their achievement. Many may think my issue is an absurd because everyone studies and can reach this level. Honestly, it comes on my mind as well but think again, are we not admitting the feeling of competing with every individual most importantly with ourselves.. 

We have made up our mind in such a way that we almost forgot how to appreciate things happening around us. We seek for that on best thing that we desire to happen. Ultimately, we loose it all cause we could never value them. 

In my case, I have always looked for better things and tried being the best even if it was too far to reach. Maybe I achieved or may be not but come to think about what have i missed in all that? The answer is simple, it was my time and those moments which will never come back again. I do have plenty of time for the thing i want to accomplish, but action done deliberately can never go back to right. Even if i wish to, it’s just next to impossible.

Therefore, I believe there has to be a time where you can just take a pause and appreciate yourself and your surroundings, you may not get anything but you can at least have a moment which will be yours. And maybe a memory where you don’t regret living your life meaninglessly.

To all people like me out there, just stand up and pat yourself aback and encourage to new you saying you have your time… let the hard work continue…