Lost star

In a constant fear of loosing and letting go, I see the light, shining bright. It draws me in stronger, each pull has its depth and meaning. I ignored, once and then I ignored twice, the pattern kept repeating. I knew I had to break it and I knew many ways to break it. But I did not know if I had the courage to break it, If I was strong enough to follow what I believed in, if I really trusted my intuition.

I see the light brighter than before, its warm and each pull makes me stronger. I see the changing colours, I fear the change. Am I too selfish to hold the past? Am I too coward to let go what I have? Am I not strong to anticipate better future? Will my questions be answered if I prayed? Will my prayers be heard if I believed within? Will I be close to the light if I seek for what it’s lost?

“I hear voices, deep within.

Its sad, It mourns, It yearns.

I want to calm the voices, I feel their pain,

I feel their sadness.

I seek for what its lost.”

-Lost Star