Times like this where the definition of normal is everything that once was abnormal. Times when we happily accepted Face-timing over meeting in person, posting happy faces on media than opening up to people on how we really felt about everything that mattered. This is the new age.

Where we readily succumbed ourselves to different screens, our entire life passing through scrolling pages, posts, countless contents for free. Not so free if we knew what we were trading these contents with until I walked out leaving my precious screens at home. A stroll into a park, the greens, the colors, the fallen branches, the flowing river, with everything that occupied our mind and time, I invite you to choose to let yourself be. Free of everything and be lost in the nature.

Life is an opportunity to be, its constant and ever changing at the same time. Some even call it a drama and all of us are the main characters of our own universe. Jealousy, greed, excitement and all the emotions one may feel fills our lives with purpose and drives us to the direction that we believe is the right path to be. Then again I invite you to really find the meaning of life without thinking of the past or the future.