Let’s not meet, when it’s dark.

Let’s not meet, when it’s dark.

“Ambiguity”: Word of the day. I guess this comes with no surprise as I choose to speak my mind, I am also shy and unconvincingly introvert. It is funny.

Despise the word “Materialistic”? Here is the thing, I like to believe I am not, placing myself into the hierarchy where I might just ‘Tsk’, ‘Tsk’ others upon being one but I wouldn’t accept the fact that deep down somewhere I am and I may be one.

Not saying accepting is the problem. Self-reflection? Ask somebody who struggles with over thinking. One thing leading to another and thinking never stops, could go on without sleep, food, water all the basic thing you could imagine.

So, what is the problem? Wanting things you can’t have and not willing to do things to get there… not much to think cause there is a word for it “Day-dreaming”. Do I categorise myself into one? May be or may be self-perception does.

I feel like I am writing with codes. I thought writing was fun. Well, writing is fun however, the way I am writing now makes no sense but I also do not want to make sense, may be this is why the word of the day is “Ambiguity”.

Not a complicated person but with a complicated mind, this is why I am an introvert may be. I am not surprised why I lack correct expression during arguments or discussions.

Torn between you need a plan for future and you only live once?

I sometimes, wonder if there is a plan that I am suppose to follow, to find the purpose of this life. As I write, my brain starts to process these words to form a proper sentence. As I listen to those words and lines, certain things become very clear i.e. “How can I be this Selfish?”

I think a lot but none of those thinking actually matters in real life because I am suppose to think for better tomorrow, for better life. And these essential thinking part is missing in my brain. I do more thinking than usual, searching if it’s there somewhere but it isn’t. Am I normal then or just a care free person?

Most of us looking to be accepted in some way, be in the society or online/offline community. This is where I can never include myself in. The basics for me is very different besides food, shelter and money.

Not going ga ga over what I want and how I see life, 🙂 just few things which I hope to share with everyone. The basics i.e. your values in life is unique to you and how you choose to live is all up to you. I chose “Integrity” and this affects the way I come across as an individual.

This is why I like to emphasise on being “YOU”.